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Throughtout the history, nudity has always been both stumbling block and a source of inspiration for people. Although prohibited for a long time in different religions and societies, somehow it has always found its way into art, movie, and media. Consequently, it has found its way into the life of the common man. Strip clubs, with its exotic dancers or strippers, have become very popular hangouts. And there is nothing unusual, unethical or shocking, as it used to be.


661As the boundaries of nudity and sexuality has shifted, this kind of adult entertainment become increasingly popular. Strip clubs bring together people of all ages. And all of them have their own reasons for visiting these places.  The attractiveness, provocative dance and sex appeal of strippers provoke curiosity in adult people as well as in the young. Others, on the other hand, visit these places because they enjoy either watching strippers, or show, or both. The streaptese doesn’t mean taking off the clothes anymore. Nowdays, striptease becomes real show that includes perfect coreography, an enviable level of dance skills and attractive costumes that capture and hold attention of customers. Even though touching of exotic dancers is prohibited in most of the strip clubs, some of these places offer the possibility of private dances during which touching is allowed. What kind of entertainment a person will choose depends on personal preference and personal expectations. In any case, there is no lack of excitement.


c477ee27-0f35-41cb-905d-051a7da39183Strip clubs can look like cabarets or night clubs, and even like bars with the corresponding environment and ambience. The main aim is to attract all kinds of people and meet different kinds of needs and desires.  These clubs are supposed to be places where customers feel as if all their sexual fancies are fulfilled. As for the removal of dancers’ clothes, it is also differ from club to club. Some of them are full nude, while others are bikini or topless.There is also numerous variations regarding the style of clothes because full nudity is prohibited in many countries. This is the reason why dancers always find the way not to show too much but still enough to spark the imagination of the customers.


uktv-strippers-episode-1-glasgow-1Apart from watching the attractive women who dance in the strip club, people also like the sense of seduction and the sence of intimacy that the dancers are able to create. They do this for money and tips, of course, but at the same time they are giving the customer the impression that he or she is special, desirable and the most attractive person in the world. When dancing, the customer feels that strippers dance only for him, and most of the people, from time to time, like to think that it’s all about him or her. Everyone gets what he wants. An in the end, they are all happy and satisfied.




This kind of entertaiment provides both man and women with fantasy, lust or just pure fun. Television and film probably contributed largely to the popularity of strippers and striptease creating sexual imagery which is assocciated with exotic dancers that we are seeing today.


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